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Our Value: Earnest, Openness, Courage and Responsibility

Xuzhou RITMAN Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at the national economic development zone in Xuzhou. We started with an eye to the commanding height of the industry: the intelligent manufacturing technology based on the big data of HDG industry. Therefore, we can constantly provide eco-friendly and energy saving equipment for automatic HDG production line and technical solutions.  

Data Enable and Technology Driven: RITMAN holds 50 patents for inventions, 91 utility models, 28 software copyrights and 12 professional papers and the company has established a R&D team specialized in many fields, including intelligent manufacturing, cloud computing, material, mechanical engineering, automation and informatization. We have built the first “End-in to Side-out” digitalized HDG plant of the industry and its cost is 30% lower than Italian and Japanese price. 

Core Technology: 

Intelligent manufacturing technology based on the Big Data of hot-dip galvanizing industry

The company owns a strong R&D team, which includes over 100 research engineers, in which 80% of them holds graduate degree, involving the fields of chemical, thermal engineering, structure, mechanics, automation, information technology, visual recognition, and environmental engineering; and it has complete research equipment and facilities. 

Core Competence: 

★Standardized Design

★Modularized Assembly

★Complete Manufacturing Capability

★Supply Chain Management

★Project Management

★Technology Enabling

The company has established a professional supply chain department, which will coordinates with the departments of planning, procurement, production, quality, logistics and engineering, to offer our clients a quick response and maintenance service. Our company owns complete processing capability to ensure a quick start of manufacturing process after professional design of project. The professional project management and engineering installation team is established by our company, then the quality, safe and on time delivery of project is guaranteed through the constitution of quality system and project management system. 


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