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A Glimpse at Shenzhou Project Construction Site by RITMAN

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Recently the automated HDG line of the Shenzhou project undertaken by RITMAN is under construction in full swing. Through the efforts of all colleagues in the project department, the galvanizing kettle of this project has been successfully put in place, the main frame of the pretreatment enclosure has been built, and the materials flow system is nearing completion.

This HDG plant is an automated, informatized, intelligentized and eco-friendly HDG production line designed, manufactured, installed, and delivered by RITMAN on the basis of the new plant structure. The plant is of an L-shaped arrangement, kettle size 15.5m*2.4m*3.2 m. The designed annual capacity is 100,000 tons.

When the project is completed and delivered and with the intelligent control applied in the entire production line, the production efficiency will reach to a high level, and meanwhile, the labour intensity and safety risks are reduced tremendously. 

To fulfill the needs of our customer, the colleagues of Shenzhou Project overcome all difficulties, pay close attention to production quality, ensure the schedule of construction, and improve the awareness of safe production. They will surely deliver the highest quality projects to customers with quality and quantity. Corporate values of courage and responsibility!

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